Week 9 — Network Graph Exercise

I like how the graph is showing the relationship of the author and his/her family as a closed circuit! It’s shows a stark contrast to the authors relationship with people who are not his/her family members as those relationships branch out. I’m also guessing that the author’s father is the key person that brings the family together since he’s in the middle of the graph.. then I started observing the patterns within the graph of this family and realized that the author and the author’s brother are the most well-connected within the family, having 5 branches branching out to connect with other characters. This is followed by the mother and the brother’s son, who have 4 branches each, and then the brother’s wife and the father being the least connected. Like you said, it’s hard to tell or deduce why it is mapped like that without reading the context of the story, but from this graph I can already tell who is well-connected and who isn’t.

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