“It’s very fun to shatter expectations of women on screen and in stories. It’s very important too.”

two young people facing each other in silouette at night, street lights can be seen behing them
two young people facing each other in silouette at night, street lights can be seen behing them
Josefine Glæsel and Lilit Lesser in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

I always gravitate toward coming-of-age stories. There’s something so… longing about them. First loves, figuring yourself out, endings and beginnings. I may be in my thirties but I still see myself in the young peoples’ stories I watch play out on screen or read in books.

So when I saw filmmaker Sian Astor-Lewis’s crowdfunding project, I knew it would resonate. To Nowhere is a story of two friends, Finn and Tulip, as they spend a day roaming London together. Angst and chaos ensue—yes this is a dark take on the coming-of-age genre.

To Nowhere has already been shot and edited and now they’re raising funds for post-production. There are seven days left in the crowdfunding campaign and they still need help to meet their goal. I had a chance to chat with Sian about her inspiration for the film, the importance of the lighting design, and more. …

“Feminism drives my filmmaking because up until recently, we’ve only seen a specific type of womxn and I want to normalize the stuff that you don’t often see, like gals pooping.”

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“Sofa Queens”

Welcome to day… 100 and something?… of quarantine and working from home. If you too have lost all concept of time and are tired of scrolling endlessly through Netflix selections, have I got just the thing for you.

The webseries Sofa Queens! It’s a Toronto-based show created and produced by Kelly Harvey-Mykula, who also stars in it, and directed by Ellen Shaw.

It’s funny as hell, not afraid to “go there,” and Kelly and her cast have uhhhhhh-mahhhhhh-zing chemistry. There are four episodes out right now with more to come in the future (curse you, Rona!). Will they take up days and days to consume? Well, only if you watch them like a hundred times each, which is absolutely fine if that’s the journey you want to take—you do you. …

“It’s a complex story and relationship, so I want the audience to feel the spectrum of human emotion.”

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“Mel and Ruby”

There’s nothing more exciting to me then getting to see a film go from it’s idea phase to the finished product, ready to be shown to the world. Do I feel like a proud mom? Not really, because I’ve done literally none of the work. Maybe like a distant cool aunt or something?

I should absolutely stop with this terrible baby analogy but it’s also sort of fitting in this case? …


Siân Melton

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