I Believe In The Possibility Of You

I spoke to the new potential client this week and he shared his vision with me & idea. We went through his story, the good, the bad and the ugly.

And "out of the ashes rises the phoenix", this extraordinary young man, an elite level athlete driven by fire & fire itself. He went for gold and failed after pouring his heart and soul into his Olympic dream for a decade

And you know, he was hurt. It just really hurt not to Achieve his dream after so long trying.

So he is now working on his Plan B, and he rang me for help.

After going through a few things I had a clear picture of who HE WAS as a human being. The HEART that maketh the man. The COURAGE that runs through the veins. The love that he has for other people in his same shoes.

And so I outlined what he Could expect from working together and I said to him "You know ... .it's not going to be easy? I am going to push beyond any limitation you can imagine right now as you learn in 12 weeks what has taken me 14 years to master. "

The gauntlet thrown down, he was undeterred. He was ready.

As I wrapped up the call, he Whispered.

"Do you think I can do this?"

I hesitated.

How do I answer this question with integrity, grace & care?

After a long pause I answered.

"Yes, I believe in The Possibility of you."

I could here him thinking over the phone. I said goodbye and hung up the phone.

He was left with the Possibility of who he Could be in the world.

And left with Possibility itself.


Originally published at www.sharneebennett.com .

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