The Lord’s actual Holy day: The Seventh day Sabbath.

It is true that christians should worship God everyday, and christians can also worship God anytime but there is a day God himself set aside, made special and called His holy day.

The keeping of the sabbath has been in existence from the creation of the heavens and earth, God himself observed the Sabbath and gave it as a rule, to always remember the Sabbath (seventh day) and keep it holy. The Sabbath has therefore been acknowledged by God from the beginning, it was the day God rested from all His work after creation, God set that day apart as a special day, blessed it and made it Holy.

In regards to this, there is no other day that is befitting to be called a day of worship other than the day which God Himself has choosen as a holy day and blessed. In as much as we can worship God any other day, we should never neglect the sabbath day. God so much acknowledges the sabbath that He made it one of the ten commandments, God said;

Observe the sabbath and keep it holy. You have six days in which to do your work but the seventh day is a day of rest dedicated to me. On that day no one is to work — neither you, your children, your slaves, your animals, nor the foreigners who live in your country.

God highly expect us to keep this day holy, to rest and avoid doing any work on that day.

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As we all know, sunday is the first day of the week and if we should relate it to the creation story, it is enough proof to say that sunday was the 1st day of creation,not the seventh day,hence it is definitely not the Lord’s Sabbath. Over time, the sabbath was changed from saturday to sunday and many people started worshipping on sunday, however, the change was never instructed by God. The change of worshipping on Sunday instead of Saturday was orchestrated by humans and regardless of whatever their reasons may be, and no matter how pure their intentions might seem, God never changed the sabbath day, and the seventh day still remains the Lord’s special sabbath. As a matter of fact, God clearly stated in the bible that ‘the sabbath is a permanent convenant and a sign between us and God forever that we are His Holy people’.

I am not trying to judge those who worship on sunday, however, it is unfortunate to see that the Lord’s actual day has been forgotten by most people even though God asked that we should always remember it and observe it. The system of the world has neglected the sacredness of the seventh day and most organizations work on that day instead of resting, humans do many activities on the Holy day of the Lord instead of observing it, a lot of people throw parties on saturdays, do various things on their own accord without realizing that the sabbath day is a blessed day of rest that should be dedicated to the Lord Almighty.

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The children of God in the bible obviously observed the Sabbath, since God instructed them and even wrote it down among the ten commandments. They were required to obey the commandments and God was always pleased when they did. Even in the wilderness, during the time of Moses, God told the Isrealites to pick double portion of manna on the day before the Sabbath because God would not rain manna down from heaven on the Sabbath day, and as they obeyed him, the manna they collected never got spoilt, even when they didn’t have preservatives at that time, God himself preserved their manna. This means that the great men of God in the Bible observed the Sabbath in obedience to the will of God. Why then are christians today selective in their obedience to God?

The renown Prophets of God in the bible also observed the Sabbath. Through the Prophet Isaiah, God spoke to the Isrealites again concerning the Sabbath, when they were disobedient, God told them that “if they would keep their feet from breaking the Sabbath and from doing as they please on the Lord’s Holy day, they will find joy in the Lord”. King David who was a psalmist also wrote a psalm for the Sabbath day, praising the Lord on His Holy day in Psalms 92. God always instructed the prophets to keep all his commands, from Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Habbakuk and the rest of them. When God said all His commands, do you think he exempted the Sabbath?

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From the picture above, you would find the answer to the question. Christ certainly observed the Sabbath as it was His custom to always go to the synagogue (Church) on the Sabbath day, He said the Lord was the “Lord of the Sabbath”. This literally means the seventh day was for God, and since Christ who had the fullness of God in flesh kept the sabbath day holy, why are christians who are the followers of Christ not keeping the Sabbath holy like He did?

In as much as some people might misunderstood this law, just like the way it was misunderstood in the days of Jesus, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t render help on the sabbath, or be idle on that day, It simply means we shouldn’t do things our own way on the Lord’s day, it means that we should acknowledge the Lord’s special day and rest from doing any of our own work or pursuing our own interests, we should only do things that pleases the Lord on that day, honoring and valuing it, and not engaging in random activities. This is why christians who observe the sabbath make preparations of the sabbath before the sabbath so that the holy day of the Lord would be properly honored.

Jesus Christ kept the sabbath day holy even in the grave, and he rose after the sabbath, just before dawn. Even the death of Christ did not alter the sabbath, can you see that God already planned everything? this shows us how perfect God’s plans are.

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We are aware of how much the Spirit of God worked in the apostles after the death and ressurection of Christ, the apostles were devoted disciples who had the mandate of spreading truths about the kingdom of God and through them, the Holy Spirit revealed alot of mysteries to us.

It is very important to be aware that even the apostles observed the Sabbath. Apostle Paul who wrote a large part of the new testament observed the sabbath. During his missionary journies, he didn’t neglect the sabbath day, it was his custom to always go to the synagogue to preach and study the scripture with people, we can find this in Acts 17:2. It is true that they had many other sabbath festivals during their time but we can also discover that he never neglected the Lord’s sabbath in Acts 18: 4. In as much as the jews then had other sacred days which they observed as a sabbath, these sabbaths cannot be compared with the Lord’s seventh day sabbath.

Most christians have relied on the fact that the Apostle Paul said that ‘we should not allow ourselves to be judged by what we eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a new moon celebration or a sabbath day, for the reality is Christ’. From the context of what he was saying, he was clearly talking about all the other religious festivals that were created by men, the different celebrations and different sabbaths that were adopted and observed, all these religious doctrines made by humans are not to be compared to Lord’s Holy day. The reality is Christ and to follow Christ is to obey all the commandments of God. The sabbath of the Lord is not a religious festival organized by humans, it is the sacred day of God which we are meant to honor and keep holy, it remains the seventh day, and it has been part of God’s commandments from the beginning, and like God said; “it is a permanent convenant” — Exodus 31:16–17.

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The same way God made a convenant between light and day, he made an everlasting convenant between us and Him -the Sabbath, and tells us to always remember it. If you cannot change night to become day, or change day to become night, how do you think you can change to Holy day of God to another day?

Remember, I am not judging those who worship on Sunday because we can worship God everyday, but I am bringing to our attention the actual truth;…

If you choose to worship God on Sunday, it’s okay, however, do not worship with the mindset that it is the actual holy day of the Lord because it is truly not, it is just the 1st day of the week. You should also never overrule God’s law about the sabbath, it is part of the commands we are meant to observe.

There are many people who know the truth but suppress it due to the changes in the world, their choice to follow the crowd or for their own comfort, but the truth is;

You can’t serve God at your own terms and you can’t change God’s arrangement to fit your own schedule.

God has made promises concerning the sabbath and reserved blessings for those who observe His holy day…how then would we be eligible to receive these blessings and manifest these promises if we do not subscribe to the demands?

God loves us all and requires our complete obedience, let us therefore trust him and be obedient to all his commands, valuing and honouring His holy day as he demands.

Thanks for reading…



Noble servant of the Most High God. Author/Writer — I write mostly about biblical truths and personal development through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Blessing .C. Nkire

Noble servant of the Most High God. Author/Writer — I write mostly about biblical truths and personal development through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.