How to fix Windows 7 Activation Error Code 0xc004e003

Sharon Wood
Nov 15 · 5 min read

In the wake of introducing Windows, you are probably going to get a warning requesting that you actuate windows. Enactment varies from the establishment procedure that requires an item code. It is likewise not quite the same as post-establishment enlistment. Rather, the objective of Windows actuation is to set up a connection between an authorized duplicate Windows and a particular PC framework by means of your item key. Such a connection ought to anticipate a similar duplicate of Windows from being introduced on more than one machine, as was conceivable with before forms of Windows. Data from your video show connector, SCSI and IDE drive connectors, processor type and a sequential number, hard drive sequential number and your system connector Media Access Control address are joined to frame a one of a kind personality for your PC. No two PCs will have a similar equipment signature. At the point when you attempt to introduce a similar duplicate of Windows on more than one PC and afterward attempt to initiate on the web or by Windows 7 Support.

Activating Windows 7

Dissimilar to Windows XP and Vista, the inability to enact Windows 7 leaves you with an irritating, however to some degree usable framework. On the off chance that you decide not to actuate Windows 7 during establishment, you will see an “Initiate Windows Online Now” warning in the framework plate. On the off chance that you don’t enact, at that point, you will see and “Actuate Now” message each day from day 4 through day 27. You will get the “Enact Now” message at regular intervals until day 30. After day 30, you will get the “Initiate Now” message each hour, alongside a notice that your Windows rendition isn’t authentic at whatever point you dispatch the Control Panel. Windows 7 will likewise not play out any framework refreshes after the beauty time frame; access to the online Windows Update store will likewise be banished. At last, Windows will consequently turn your screen foundation picture too dark consistently notwithstanding setting an inclination. This conduct proceeds until you effectively initiate Windows 7.

The issue comes in when you attempt to enact Windows on the web, and all you get is error 0xC004E003. Significantly in the wake of entering the right item key, the mistake continues. Since we know how Windows enactment chips away at Windows 7, how about we see why this error happens and how to comprehend it.

The explanation behind the error code 0xC004E003

Basically, error 0xC004E003 demonstrates that ‘the Software Licensing Service announced that permit assessment fizzled’. This issue happens if the permit legitimacy interim has lapsed, or if the permit isn’t marked effectively. Giving an inappropriate key is probably going to through this error. In the event that you are attempting to enact an OEM (unique hardware producer) form of Windows, your item key ought to be on a sticker under, along the edge or behind your PC. In the event that you are enacting a retail form (purchased a DVD from the store) at that point, your item key ought to be inside your DVD or adhered to the side or over the DVD. Ensure you input the right item key when actuating Windows.

Note that the accompanying characters can’t be utilized — An E I L N O S U Z 1 0 5 — so try not to try them in the event that you don’t know about your item key characters. Be cautious when acquiring Windows 7 from stores. Watch this video from YouTube for more data on fake Windows 7 items.

In case you’re the Windows you introduced is from an authentic source and your item key is right, here is the manner by which to actuate Windows 7.

1: Activate Windows via telephone

Windows will utilize the information sent via phone to distinguish your PC’s item key and send you an actuation code via telephone.

• Click on Windows Key + R to open run

• Type ‘SLUI 4’ and hit enter to open the Windows Activation exchange box

• Select your nation starting from the drop menu and snap-on Next.

• Here you will get the chance to see some without toll telephone numbers which you can call.

• Follow the robotized procedure. You may luck out and converse with a genuine individual. You will require giving the referenced numbers to the next individual, who will thusly give you a Confirmation ID, which you should enter. When done, click on Activate.

2: Change the item key

It may be conceivable that your duplicate of Windows is adhering to an inappropriate item key. You should change to the right key. The Product Key on the sticker ought to have 25 characters in this arrangement: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

• Click on Windows Key + R to open run

• Type ‘SLUI 3’ and hit enter to open the Windows Activation discourse box (This is the alternate route to changing your item key)

• Type in the item key and tap on Activate. You will be required to be associated with the Internet.

3: Rearm Windows at that point enact

Rearming Windows will clear all stuck and degenerate keys. On the off chance that the procedure was stuck midway, rearming will unravel the issue and empower you to enact Windows.

• Click Start and type: CMD

• Right-click CMD in the list items and afterward click ‘Run as chairman’

• At the direction brief, type Regedit and hit enter to open the framework library.

• Go to:


• Double click on the Changed its incentive to 0 (if the key doesn’t exist, make it from the alter menu)

• Go back to the Command Prompt, type the accompanying: slmgr/rearm

• Restart the PC

• Use the initiate windows connect to re-emerge the item key. Or on the other hand Press windows key + R to open Run, type ‘SLUI 1’ and actuate your PC.

• You can likewise utilize technique 1 and strategy 2 above to reappear an item key in the wake of rearming.

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