It may not look like much at first but over time it will help you save tons

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If the problem is more serious and complex with your vehicle, then definitely go with the mechanic — but when it comes to little things and less serious stuff — you can always learn and try to do that yourself.

So that’s just a little tip that I did that worked very well throughout high school.

I saved so much money by just fixing small things myself and I think it should be adopted by everyone else as well.

We all have two lives — The second one starts when we realize we only have one

Getting To Know Your Local Library

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Now, for some reason, people don’t really go to the library anymore, and actually, the reason is pretty obvious. …

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Never miss out on an opportunity like a good recession — you can either be smart or equally stupid

We know that a lot of people have gotten a $1200 stimulus check from the US government, and it may be burning a hole in your pocket — meaning you are just out there looking to spend it.

But before you go out there and spend your stimulus check on a Gucci belt or something like that — keep in mind that we are in a sideways recession, and you don't want to make any bad decisions at this time.

For those who are not familiar — a recession is simply a period of time where there is a decline in overall economic activity. People are spending less money. Employers are not looking to bring on new employees, or you are seeing a lot of layoffs, and in a nutshell — it is basically a time of uncertainty. …

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This is how much money you need to have set aside in order to live off of your investments completely

It doesn't take an age to retire — it takes money

There are a lot of people out there selling a pipe dream of you can retire by 30 as long as you invest in this course or go buy real estate, and while that may work for some people — I’m not here to sell you guys a course or to put you on any kind of product like that.

I’m going to simply point out how much money you need to have invested to live off of your investments and essentially not have to work to earn your money. …


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