Peak Hour in Japan

Perhaps some of you already knew, railways are a major means of passenger transportation in Japan. So what happen when most of the people want to go to the same destination at the same time, let’s say during office hour?

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I have always been skeptical on photos that show how crowded and busy a train station is during peak hour from 0630 to 0930 until I experienced it myself during my internship in Japan, just like the common phrase “I won’t believe it until I see it myself”. In order to reach the office in time, I need to get on the 0752 train, which is, of course the “golden hour” where everyone rush to work. I somewhat believe the number of people on each platform at this hour does exceed the number of pedestrians at Shibuya’s crossing!

It is a challenge to squeeze myself into the coach everyday. And it is another challenge to make sure I am not buried or squeeze by the tall and muscular office men inside the coach. There was one time where I got difficulty in breathing and my vision was blurred for few seconds and almost fainted (too crowded I guess?) while I was taking the train alone during peak hour. I have no choice but to get out of the train and waited for another 30 minutes until the peak hour was over to take my ride.

I learnt my lesson since and decided to take the ladies coach whenever I take the train alone. Things got little better when the guys are not around, especially when my butt rubs with another person’s (it’s less awkward when it happened between the same sex right?). Can you imagine the distance between each passenger? One of the thing that annoys me most is how close my face get to the hair of the person standing in front of me. If you have great sense of smell, you might be able to guess the brand of the shampoo they are using. Worst case, you might caught some dandruff on your face (just joking).

I am glad I survive though. Through thicks and thins on taking the train alone to Tokyo alone during peak hour. You must be thinking I am exaggerating, wait till you see it yourself. ;)
Good luck!

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