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I happened to read the latest report by The 10to19: Dasra Adolescents Collaborative. The report titled ‘ Lost in Lockdown: Chronicling the Impact of COVID-19 on India’s Adolescents’ highlights the ways in which the lockdown and pandemic have affected various dimensions of the lives of young people mainly education, livelihoods, social isolation, mental health, exposure to violence, reproductive health and child marriage, as well as access to food and health services.

About the research sample & design

  • Out of the 350 adolescent- or youth-serving organizations that were contacted for the survey, 111 organizations participated.
  • A conservative estimate of the number of boys and girls suggest that taken together, responding organisations served about 32 lakh adolescents. …

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A toddler photographed at his home in UP during one of my visits last year

The world, as we knew it, has ceased to exist. When I started drafting this article total worldwide cases were around 42 Lakhs. According to Worldometer, as of today, around 63,00,000 Coronavirus cases are currently in order.

Almost overnight, the education sector has radically changed.

Most schools, colleges and other private education institutions remain suspended over the globe. According to UNESCO, over 1.3 billion students and youth across the planet have been affected by school and university closures since the COVID-19 outbreak. In India, over 32 crore students have been impacted by a nation-wide lockdown which began on 23rd March.

Everybody, albeit almost getting used to the ‘new normal’, is grappling with the new realities of the education sector. …

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(Airtel) Data shutdown messages from 16th Dec — 23rd Dec in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

In sweeping firsts, Internet services across Delhi and NCR were suspended in an attempt to prevailing law and order in light of the ongoing protests across the capital.

The resistance against the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which started as a student protest in Jamia on last Sunday soon shaped up to be a nationwide movement mobilising students, activists and the rest of India all across the country. …


Sharan Ahluwalia

Poet | Writer I Communications Manager| IR Scholar | Femme | Development sector professional, stealing moments to be w kids on field

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