When will life be fair for women?

In the 1800s men chose their wives but women at Parramatta Female Factory had no say.

Today, women can choose the husband but there is no line up like in the 1800s.

Well, there is still a line up today but it’s an electronic line up. It’s called Tinder.

Did men show respect in the 1800s? I don’t know.
Do men show respect in the 2000s? Some do.
And, some don’t.

Why do men speak of love for their family and gawk at what they call a good sort?

Surely their wife is a good sort. Why marry her if you don’t think she’s a good sort?

Did men have all of the power in the 1800s?
In most relationships men held the power as they were the breadwinner and the woman was
expected to stay home and cook, clean, manage the house, bed the husband, bear and rear

Do men still hold the power in the 2000s? Some do.

Some men still expect their wives to be at home, cook, clean, manage the house, provide
bedroom entertainment, bear and rear children.

Thankfully some men know how to treat women, be they single, a husband or partner, a friend,
a colleague, or member of society.

They know it is ok for her to go out and be educated, earn her own money, make her own fun,
seek her own enjoyment, make her own babies. Who needs a man?

We only need people who respect us, admire our achievements, celebrate our successes, and
show us unconditional love.

Yes, I’m dreaming.

Copyright 2017 Sharon Burke

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