Everything You Need to Know and More About You Septic Tank System

Making use of a septic tank system has been proven to be one of the best methods for you to be able to treat your sewage when you are living in a place that is just not able to connect your sewage line to main drainage system. However, a lot of septic tank systems are not being properly maintained, that is why laws are being imposed to be able to have these unmaintained septic tank systems be checked to make sure they are not putting at risk the lives of other people and the environment. It is a good thing that efforts are being made to ensure that the legal implications are being followed by home owners that is why today, if you will be replacing or having a new septic tank system installed in your home, you must make sure to follow the standards. For most home owners, some states require them to first have a sewage treatment plant system installed in their home. If you are thinking of purchasing another home that comes with its own sewage treatment plant system, it is then crucial that you will have everything checked first by the waste water system expert.

What are the different kinds of septic tank systems that you can choose from?

The best part about septic tank systems at http://oregonwaterservices.com/ is that you will be choosing from several kinds of them. The septic tank system that you will be getting will usually come in various sizes and shapes in terms of being underground that must then connect to a soil treatment system. Typically, you can choose from different kinds of land drainage system with the likes of a mound soakaway, a drainfield, or a soakaway.

What is the basic process that any septic tank system will make sure to follow?

To start off, your Cottage Grove septic tank system will function by receiving onto their tank the waste water and sewage that comes from your kitchen, bathroom and many more and then separating your solids from your liquids. When you look at the top portion of your septic tank, what forms there will be a layer of crust made of oils and fats. For the food scraps and human waste, they will go to the bottom portion of your septic tank and make up a sludge layer. The anaerobic bacteria that are found in your septic tank system will be the ones that are in charge of taking care of 70% of this sludge.

With the help of a drainfield or soakaway, you will see that the dirty water collected by your septic tank system will flow out of it. When you look at these T pipes, you will notice that they are the ones found in your septic tank system that will not be letting the floating crusts go out of your septic tank system.