What impulse are we feeding?

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Made with Autodesk Sketchbook, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Pixelmator. The GIMP would’ve been in there, too, if enabling Japanese as an input language on my Mac hadn’t switched the program’s UI to characters I can’t read!

A terrible moment of indecision:

Do I serve breakfast — which is neither Japanese nor pasta — in the blue and white Japanese pasta bowls that my wife insists are “small plates”, or the brown Japanese pasta bowls, about which she insists the same?

This is my life, now, in California; post-Missouri malaise, post-caregiving, post-homelessness, post-isolation.

I live in a three-year-old condo in one of Anaheim’s trendier neighborhoods. I have room to move, and breathe, and draw and write. I have a wonderful wife, an adorable dog, and neighbors whose names, faces, and personalities I know well. I have access to craft beer, wine, booze, coffee shops, pizza, Hawaiʻian food, Mexican food, Punjabi food, Japanese food, fancy burgers, fried chicken, seafood, subs and fast food, a grocery store and a pharmacy, an outdoor gym and a ping pong table and a saltwater pool — even a dog groomer and a comic book store — all within easy walking distance. …


Sharonda Woodfin

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