Everyone Has A Story — What’s Yours?

It was two years ago when I realized just how much everyone loves to talk about their story, and to be honest who doesn’t love talking about themselves, their past experiences, exciting trips, personal tragedies, heart breaks, etc. It brings us joy reliving the good times. It brings that excitement back into our eyes as we are reliving it again with others as we watch their reactions as our stories unfold. Sometimes it brings back pain and loss, and that’s okay, because we need that support; it’s all part of the grieving process, even if its been years since our loss.

What’s great about sharing your story, is that it may help someone else through theirs. You see everyone has a story to share, and some may be living through that story right now and you have no idea. It’s so easy to judge a person who, in your mind is being selfish, disrespectful, oblivious to what’s going on around them, or down right rude. What we need to realize though, and take into consideration, is what they may be going through at the time. They may have just lost their job, lost a loved one who was battling a life-threatening disease, or caring for someone who is fighting that battle; maybe their spouse just told them they want a divorce. We have no idea what may be going on in their lives at the moment, so it is not up to us to judge. All we can do is pray for them and hope that they can overcome their challenges. So the next time you are faced with a judgement call, take into consideration what that person might be going through and adjust your reaction so that you could impact that person in a positive manner simply by smiling and saying, “I hope your day gets better.”

Just that one little sentence could make such a huge impact on them and their day that it truly gives them something to think about. Maybe, just maybe, you may have started a chain reaction just from that one nice gesture, and now they will do the same to the next person they interact with.

Whenever you have the opportunity to share your story, you should seize the moment. You should also be willing to listen and pull from others their stories, because you can learn so much from other people just through their stories alone. Imagine how nice it would be to learn from others so we don’t make the mistakes they made.

“Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world” — Roald Dahl

Let’s get back to two years ago. I was documenting my own signs from God and had the idea that I would one day write a book about my signs from God and try to capture stories from other people as well. I had no idea how I was going to do this, or how long it would possibly take to gather enough stories to actually fill a book. I was not one, at the time, to be so outgoing and vulnerable to even consider an undertaking like that. God though, He had a different plan.

You know how sometimes you hear a song being played and, when its over, you just can’t seem to get the tune out of your heard? Well, often times, that is exactly what your “thoughts’ do. Yes! That little voice inside that keeps repeating itself over and over is not to be taken lightly. It may be a thought that you have been contemplating, but for some reason you struggled to follow through. When that nudge begins to pull on year heart strings, just trust in God and believe He is directing your path.

I had tried on my own to capture signs from God from others and had even reached out on Facebook and asked friends and family to share their stories, but no stories were shared. I was disappointed and a little deflated, so when the idea to post on my community Facebook page had previously popped into my head, I brushed it off since my earlier attempt didn’t work. But this particular morning when God spoke to me, His presence was so strong, urging me to post on the community Facebook page asking for experiences with signs from God. This time, there was no hesitation. I immediately got up, without even finishing my prayers, and began composing my post. Once I clicked “post” on that message, I took a deep breath and just sat back. The rest was up to Him. What happened next was breathtaking and, to me, could only be God driven.

I couldn’t believe how fast the comments began to flow. It was hard to concentrate on anything other than the flood of Facebook pings and notification that I was receiving. I should have known better and trusted Him the first time He tried to tell me to put a post on the site. The stories and comments were coming so fast I couldn’t keep up. I was trying to capture comments and respond to them immediately in fear of losing the stories, or them somehow being deleted. I even put out a message to the admin of the site, asking them not to delete my post.

As the day flew by, I had the opportunity to chat with some amazing people — people, that since then, I even had a chance to meet in person. Everyone was thrilled to share their stories and be a part of my book, “Signs from God”. Signs come in many different forms. They may be directly from God, the Holy Spirit, or a loved one that has already gone home to live with the Lord. These signs may be so obvious to you, but unrecognized to someone else because it only has meaning for you! Our loved ones may come to us in a vivid dream so real you knew it was them and it was real. Perhaps it’s a butterfly, a heart shaped cloud, a feather, a penny or dime, whatever the sign is for you. Take heart in knowing it was meant for you and that all is well when you believe!

Learn to recognize your own signs from God and your loved ones and always be willing to share your story; it just may help someone else dealing with a similar situation or help them recognize their own signs from God or perhaps a behavior they need to change in themselves to become a better person. Let’s be vulnerable with each other so we can all grow!

If you would like to read more about “Signs from God” and the stories that were shared with me, you can get a FREE PDF or Digital Copy by clicking right here!

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Let’s start a chain reaction today!