A Journey to Destiny

Borrowing from the wisdom of the Alchemist I believe that the world has been conspiring for a very long time to bring me to my current reality. That is, accepting the pull of destiny which compels me to speak, teach and inspire others to achieving their personal and professional best.

I have always been a problem solver and enjoy helping others find answers to issues they face. But on more occasions, than I could count I have been affirmed by others for speaking or for sharing information that made a difference for them. I remember speaking at a friend’s funeral several years ago. An attendee who I didn’t know came up to thank me after the service. Reverend Sharon, she said…do you speak here regularly? This was so funny I choked on the laughter and went into a fit of coughing. And no I am not a reverend or pastor.

On another occasion, while speaking to a women’s group, I observed a young lady in tears. It made me extremely uncomfortable even to think that anything I had to say could have any meaningful impact. Again the event organizers were surprised to learn this was not what I considered my profession.

What I do know however is that my heart does a happy dance each time I am able to help someone walk with confidence, confront challenges or make the next big step in their career development. More recently I’ve become comfortable admitting that speaking comes to me very naturally, from the days of being suspended for ‘talking’ in my middle school class.

It took many years of battling self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I have not overcome every battle. But my inner knowing has become a force more powerful my doubt. A force, which moves me along the path to destiny.

Therefore I do what I do because it enriches my soul, increases my joy, adds value to others and it is the purpose for which I was created.

This is my Day 3 post for the 30 Day Writing Challenge in the Speak Write Now Community.

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