The Financial Times reported earlier this year, that pension funds in the Netherlands informed retirees that they plan to cut payments to retirees by 10%. While that might not seem like a lot, imagine how it affects a retired person who relies on the monthly pension payments to survive.

Why is this happening? A common factor is suppressed bond yields which inherently affect the returns these pension funds need in order to meet the monthly payments. A one percentage point fall in long-term interest rates increases liabilities of a typical pension scheme by around 20%

The discrepancy between rich and poor has gone to far. Does it make sense for such a few people in the world to hold all of it’s assets?

As we get older we start having thoughts about our purpose in this world. We are exhausting our natural resources. We are a consumer society. We are wreaking havoc on our poor planet.

I guess I’ve come to the conclusion, that capitalism may have may be the root of all evil. I’m not one to take this lightly, as this has made me who I am. I have been chasing the dream…

Israel & the Gulf Countries, are undergoing a discreet warming of relations at the Government level, as the Gulf states are not threatened directly by Israel and share a common enemy in Iran. The question remains whether without a peace deal with the Palestinians, this quiet warming of ties can lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and the Sunni Arab Gulf states, and the resultant increase in trade and tourism.

Israel has had a complicated relationship with its middle east neighbors since it’s creation. Though the Arab Gulf states have never formally fought Israel, their sympathies have typically…

Life, Health, and property insurance is available to people in developing countries. In 2007, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation issued grants of $24.4 million to Opportunity International, one of the world’s largest microfinance institutions, and $34 million to the International Labour Organization, to support the exploration of inclusive insurance schemes. These products, simplified and cost-adjusted to meet demographic needs, became known as micro insurance.

Nowadays, Telcos are playing the part of the middleman between the customer and the insurance company. Telcos are offering 3rd party insurance to their customers via the mobile phone and are also able to collect…

The Lessons That Asia Can Learn from the African Fintech Success Story

Fintech has proven to be a game changer for Africa’s unbanked citizens. The proliferation and acceptance of mobile phones across the continent created a channel that has economically empowered many Africans. Platforms such as payment apps, mobile wallets, and microlenders have enabled people to access important financial products and services. Although each continent has its own set of conditions and obstacles, the basic fintech infrastructure formed in Africa can serve as an effective paradigm for the development that Asia needs.

Fintech Investments Are Bearing Fruit in Africa

Africa has demonstrated significant potential for fintech advancement thus encouraging the global tech community to take interest. Companies such as…

Microfinance and National Prosperity

When governments are putting together financial strategies to ensure future prosperity, they are now increasingly conscious of how microfinance banking can contribute to their plans. This is especially true of developing nations, where a number of different factors typically cause problems that microfinance can certainly help to resolve. Where other initiatives have proven unequal to the task, microfinance banking can help to shape a cohesive national financial policy while stimulating economic and social advancement. A closer look at Nigeria’s ongoing attempts to give microfinance an important role within its financial strategy should shed some light on this topical and important…

The banking system has embraced some of the latest technologies, but overall it is resistant to change and makes incremental progress. That’s why, the arrival of disruptive technologies and innovative solutions such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, have struck fear at the heart of the financial system. After initially ignoring and dismissing them as gimmicks, the banks have channeled their energy and resources towards stopping them in their tracks. Now, large financial institutions have started to accept the fact that change is inevitable and invest large amounts, as they prepare for an even more digitized society.

Banking Apps Harness Blockchain Technology

The advent of cryptocurrencies caught…

The usual ‘cut’ taken by traditional banks when processing payments could be under threat by fintech companies that offer clients more effective banking services, mobile payments and cashless banking services.
How People Pay for Goods and Services Around the World
Payments systems in many first-world countries are lagging behind the convenience offered by Fintech companies in several third-worlds countries.

It’s not that there aren’t any mobile payments services on offer in countries like the United States, it’s that consumers are entrenched in a payments system provided by traditional banks and are resistant to change.

Kenya is an ideal example of…

Is Cryptocurrency a Commodity?

In what may be a landmark case, a Boston judge will rule on whether a cryptocurrency may be considered a commodity, in much the same way that gold is, and should therefore be subject to jurisdiction and by extension, control by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Computer farm for Crypto mining

Cryptocurrency Fraud Case

This case was filed by the CFTC in January 2018 against My Big Coin Pay Inc., and entrepreneur Randall Carter. The suit alleges that Nevada-based My Big Coin Pay and Crater are responsible for misrepresenting their virtual currency to sound like bitcoin, stating that it was backed by gold and taking up…

There are many Fintech startups that market their products to consumers, but even more that market their products to other businesses. The Fintech market encompasses a wide range of products, services and software, many of which are used by businesses. One of the key purposes of Fintech solutions is to allow other businesses to effectively manage large amounts of data and organize and utilize that data in a meaningful way, without loss of security. …

Sharone Perlstein

Sharone Perlstein has decades of experience as a corporate leader and visionary in a wide variety of industries, including real estate, finance and art.

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