What makes Andy Warhol so collectible? There has to be a good reason why a painting such as ‘Silver Car Crash’ can sell for over $105.4m.

4 key elements drive Warhol’s success:dedication, perceptiveness, humor and PR skills

1. Dedication: Warhol had to battle with adversity to have any chance of success.He fought bravely and he won.

2. Perceptiveness: he understood both the 1960s commercialization revolution and the counter-culture that was appalled by it.

3. Humor: Warhol was a master of satire. By using advertising tools and simultaneously mocking them, he was able to evoke laughter but also anger in the viewers of his work (rather like James Joyce in Ulysses).

4. PR: Andy Warhol created a celebrity persona for himself. While the demand for his works rose and fell, demand for his commentary, personality and artistic involvement never faltered.