Ambition leads to Unpeaceful life

Ambition leads to an unpeaceful life, since another way of putting ambition is not being satisfied.
Thou Ambition is considered as a path to success, a path to achieve ur goals and desires but what good it does, if you are not satisfied achieving ur goals.
For example, we have a goal to achieve some ‘ X ‘ thing in our life and once we achieve it we are unhappy since at the very next moment we set a new goal for ourselves and start working towards achieving it. At the end of the day we forget that we have achieved the goal we were working for and are yet not at peace.
Ambition with self content is one of the most beautiful feeling. If one enjoys the phase is an accomplishment in itself.
Ambition along with happiness gives us happiness.. At the end of the day happiness and peace is all that matters.
Satisfaction is something we all crave for and without it there’s no purpose for our life.
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