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N-Y-C. This three-letter acronym means a lot of different things to people. The City That Never Sleeps. Broadway musicals. The Central Park. Soho, etc. Among the myriads of words that would pop up in people’s minds, food security seems like the very last thing.

However, for more than 1.5 million New Yorkers this is the harsh reality they wake up to every day. …

“Hey there, are you an individual curious about Product Design? Well, rest assured: this game will keep you informed about all the things you need to know about the Product Design industry!”

Game is not something that crossed my mind when I looked at the title of the course, “Entrepreneurial Design”. I imagined the class would kick off with an introduction to business models and entrepreneurial thinking. Well, I was wrong because our first project for this class was all about games.

Growing up, especially with my strict parents, games never had a good connotation to me. Immediately, I think of video games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Battle Ground, Overwatch, and some grim news about game addictions.

Marketing our product to the world!

Our team made significant progress since last week. As a result, with/care app is currently pending App Store approval with minor tweaks to adjust; proposal ready to circulate to potential health sector partners; app icon coming along; and marketing website.

App Progress

After submission, we’ve received feedback from Apple’s app store team to adjust the location collection setting for final approval.


We put together a 2-page proposal consisting of who we are, about the app, the goal of the partnership, and a brief data structure of our app. …

Since we took a major pivot after spring break, we diverged to brainstorm potential features we wanted to include on the app. However, from our most recent feedback, we discovered the need to cut–out features and reduced the app to achieve its simplest form possible for front-end implementation.

Project Timeline

Week 0 — Feb 17–21

Iterate on design probes, interface feature iteration for the app and solidify logistics for partnership with potential collaborators

Week 1 — Feb 24–28

Test out the probe with user groups and gain insights. Iterate on interface based on the feedback.

Week 2 —Mar 2–6

Generate Business Model Canvas and continue testing probe and analyzing insights

Week 0 — Mar 9–13

Spring Break — —

Week 3 — Mar 16–20

Interim Presentation to show feedback from our stakeholders and show a good sense of what we’re doing — Test mid-fi prototypes with user groups and gain feedback

Week 4 — Mar 23–27

Hi-fi wireframes, visual testing

Week 5 — Mar 30-Apr 3

Hi-fi prototype

Week 6 — Apr 6–10

Start working on video and marketing materials.

Week 7 — Apr 13–17

Continue working on video and marketing materials.

Week 8 — Apr 20–24


Synthesis + Brainstorming

Envisioning a self-monitoring platform for patients with chronical illnesses

We are looking at the problem space in the current healthcare industry. Specifically, we want to create a product or system that can aid patients with chronic illnesses such as depression and hypertension who regularly intake medication as their treatment plans to have access to a better management system to log their side effects to past/current medications and symptoms to illness. In addition, we were able to find strong evidence for the opportunity for value creation in this certain sector of the healthcare ecosystem from the McKinsey report.

We tuned in to this problem space as a result of our…

Persuasion 2019

Project Brief (Chloe)

For this project, the initial research question was, how can we save paper used by printers shared spaces? Our team mainly focused on reducing paper waste and encouraging recycling within the printing system through pain-points research and prototyping potential nudges to successfully answer the initial research question and impact users’ behavior within the printing system.

Problem Space (Chloe)

The entire campus is expected to participate in Carnegie Mellon’s Recycling Program actively and waste reduction efforts due to the CMU Sustainability Policy. …

This design challenge I completed in 7 days a part of the hiring process for Google UX internship this summer.

I was provided with three prompts, each of them focusing on user experience design (user flow and wireframe intensive), visual design (visual system and UI intensive), and interaction design (motion graphic). I decided to work on the second prompt, which focused mostly on the visual aspect of the product.

Below is the prompt from Google:

“Design an experience for students to discover orientation events and craft a visual system to accommodate different types of events: sports, music, visual arts, social…

I will be working on a fun LinkedIn exercise as a part of their interview process for the summer design internship 2018. This medium post will be used to document my general process to show I reached to the solution.

Task |LinkedIn is frequently used for job hunting. Companies pay to post a job and market their opportunities to qualified candidates. LinkedIn job seekers may search for jobs through keywords, company pages, or via their network of connections. Design an improved job posting experience for recruiters or hiring managers, that helps them attract and recruit relevant candidates for the position.

Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

This spring, I had an opportunity to join CMU’s HCII to collaborate on an IoT Presence Table project. As a team, we aimed to create a coffee table that is sensible to the environment around it that also informs the people around the table that they are being “observed” or “sensed” by the table. The coffee table will gather inputs from the people–voice, volume, location, and distance.

The video below is a complication of my ideation process. For the purpose of creating prototypes with voice interactions, we decided to use voice footage from the TV show, “Friends”.

For most of…

Sharon Dayoung Lee

Design system @ Iris Rover | Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design Class of 2020

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