What Your Pet Sitter Needs to Know

Sharon Gould
Mar 1 · 2 min read

At some point in your pet’s life, you’ll likely have to travel without them. When this happens, you can help alleviate some of the stress for your dog and your pet sitter by providing the sitter with all the information necessary to take care of your pet just like you would! The following are good suggestions for information to include.

Your Pet’s Routine

Leave a daily for schedule for your pet sitter that includes all the times and elements of your pet’s normal routine. This will help ensure a smooth transition. Your pet will be less stressed if they can stick to the patterns that they’re already familiar with. Examples include the times you normally take your dog for walk, and how long the walks normally are. You can also include the times of day that you feed your pet.

Your Itinerary

You should also provide your pet sitter with your itinerary. Include the dates and times of when you’ll leave and return, as well as contact information for you and the locations where you’ll be staying. This ensures that they’ll be able to reach you in case of an emergency.

Important Contact Information

Don’t just provide your pet sitter with your contact information. You should also include the names, phone numbers, and addresses of your preferred and emergency veterinarians. If something happens, your pet sitter won’t have to waste time searching for this information. Instead, they’ll be able to get your pet the attention they require immediately.

Extra Food and Medication

Make sure to leave plenty of your pet’s preferred food with your pet sitter. It’s a good idea to leave extra in case you need stay away longer than you initially imagined. If you pet requires any medication, make sure you leave extra in case anything happens. Also leave explicit instructions about how to give the medication to your pet, as well as where to get more if necessary.

Toys and Treats

Make sure that your sitter has access to your pet’s favorites treats and toys. These will help distract your pet from your absence, and provide them with something familiar. Toys that can be filled with treats such as peanut butter will provide your pet with hours of entertainment.

By taking the above steps, you, your pet sitter, and your pet will all have a less stressful time when you leave your pet. You’ll know that your pet is in great hands, and your pet sitter will appreciate the extra information you’ve given them.

Originally published at sharongould.net on March 1, 2019.

Sharon Gould

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Established in Northbrook, Illinois, Sharon Gould is a professional pet-sitter and personal training. Learn more @ http://sharongould.net/.

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