Outlander Episode 203, “ Useful Occupations and Deceptions”
Hope Russell Nunki

Hi all three of you. I am afraid my head is full of episode 4 and I am trying to remember back to episode 3. I can tell you that I felt Jamie’s anger was completely justified. He is getting no sleep, is worried sick about Claire and her whereabouts. You see him at the window looking for her, she is agitation with the hand rapping on the desk, unable to concentrate. She doesn’t leave a note. She doesn’t tell Suzette, she doesn’t send word back via Murtagh. You see it getting night and the candles being lit. All this time he has no idea where she is. Jamie is her protector. I loved that scene from the wedding. He is still an 18th century man no matter his accommodations for Claire’s 20th century thinking. Then she comes breezing in about her wonderful day. She does not have any more connection to him than he does her. Episode 4 is so good. Made all the better by these moments in episode 3.

I loved the introduction of Fergus and the exchange between Jamie and the boy who will become like a son to him. Could that little boy be any cuter? I also liked Mother Hildegarde. And again we have more steps towards recovery for Jamie. His intelligence breaking the codes, his canniness in the way he handles Duverney and the Prince. Even confronting Claire, holding his own with his very strong wife. Jamie is coming back and none too soon.

I liked the scenes where he comes to the hospital, although missed the negotiation with Bouton to get into the hospital. I loved that Claire told Mother HIldegarde that if her husband was asking it was for a good cause and the smile he gave her in return. He has felt all alone with the weight of the mission on his shoulders and now he has his wife back. I loved the toast he gives to his wife after they break the code.

I’ve always liked Duncan LaCroix from his introduction in season 1 but it is fun to see him more an active part in the action, so to speak.

Very cute reference to Johann Sebastian Bach. I continue to be completely amazed at the casting for this show. Every single character is just spot on.

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