The Real Class War
Carla Murphy

I am not black, I am not young, I no longer work, but I hope I understand some of the things that you go through daily in your life. I, too, am scared of what the Trump presidency will do to what is left of the hard working, built it themselves, middle-class. I attended college in the early 60s and endured slurs because I am color-blind when it comes to picking out friends. I was told that women should be barefoot and pregnant, tied either to the stove or the bedpost. I wish I could do more than try to understand, but I am not sure what that would be right now. We fought hard to get civil rights, and now it seems that all of that will be swept away in one stroke of the broom. I hope I live long enough to see those rights rise again, but I don’t know if I have 4 more years to wait for the movement to gain any momentum. So I will just repeat what your mother said, what any thinking woman would say to a young female person of any color out in the world today, “Please, be careful.” There will people out there who finally feel free to harass you and threaten you like the early 60s. Good luck and God Bless.