The Better Feminist
Matt Rosen

It is my belief that all the struggles of the women in the 60s made the world better for our children, all of them. But then we put the fight on the back burner and didn’t tell our girl children about the world Before. They became compliant and assured that things were going to stay as they saw them now. They became just a little suspicious of the stories that their mother told them about how it was Before. They “knew” that this had always be the status quo. Now suddenly the truth is kicking in. Women are being forced back into the 50s when the only goal of “the little lady” was the perfect apple pie and a cup of coffee for the master when he got home. But that is not what women want for their lives or the lives of their children and now (better late than never) the struggle starts again. So maybe the women will listen to these “Better Feminists” and fight to keep what we earned the hard way.

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