What’s Your (Past-Life) Story?
Sharon Guskin

Definitely in some of Dr. Tucker and Dr. Stevenson’s cases, children have dreamed about lifetimes that were later verified via specific information. Here’s a beautiful dream someone shared with me: “I’ve had this recurring dream since I was in my early 20s, had it about 8 or 9 times throughout the years. I’m in a beautiful meadow, trees outlining it, the sky is bright, the sky is brilliant blue. I’m walking in a procession, wearing my finest clothes. They’re old old fashioned looking, like the drawings and etchings of the Celtic rulers before the Romans came to Britain. My hair is bright red and curly, and my dress is cloth of gold, red, and green. I’m wearing a gold circlet in my hair, fine neckpieces, and rings on every finger. I must be some kind of noblewoman or a rich merchants daughter. Anyway, the procession leads to a bower, all white flowers and greenery woven together. A priest is waiting, his skin tattooed with holy symbols in blue woad. He hands me a golden bowl, full of fresh water. I bless it, then drink. I pass it to the man standing next to me, he blesses it, then also drinks. We kneel, and the priest chants blessings to the Gods. Then it ends. 
I’ve always been fascinated with early Britain, drawn to it, and I wonder if it’s because I lived there. Was I marrying, was I a holy woman, what kind of ritual was this? Never been able to figure it out. All I can say is that the colors were so vivid in the dream, it was realer than real! Lol!”

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