Panel Report 1: Learning From The Experts

Expert 1: Alan Borning

One Bus Away App is an open source platform for real time transit info

For the interaction design prototyping for One Bus Away, Alan Borning discussed several design techniques to create this app. The app started in 2008 and was initially a student project. They began their brainstorm by thinking about scenarios and then moved onto paper prototyping, surveys, laboratory tests and beta testing. Borning stated that one of the big challenges was working with the transit agencies. One aspect of the project that stood out was that originally the design was catered for transit enthusiasts and gradually they edited the app design to accommodate all riders.

Expert 2: Laura Borboza

A well — known retail chain

Our second guest speaker was Laura Borboza who discussed about usability testing in Nordstrom. Her main project was the Anniversary Sale early Access Project. What stood out to me was that she wanted her audience to not only be consumers with a Nordstrom card, but also consumers without a card. Her research objective is for the consumers to understand early access and to know the benefit of becoming cardholders. Then Laura asked questions to test to see if the website was efficient. Do customers understand how to navigate the Anniversary Sale? How well does wish listing an item perform? How intuitive is the card confirmation flow? These were the types of questions Laura asked to see how she could improve on the design of the website.

Main Takeaways

These two guest speakers enlightened me on the process and importance of usability testing. I learned a lot about how I could improve on my own work. After listening to Alan Borning I realized all of the different types of testing I could have explored as well, such as beta testing, surveys and laboratory testing. Different types of tests could help me improve my sprint product and overall experience of designing. Another aspect I noticed is that Laura tested specific functions and her tests were very specific, like when she testing to see how well the wish listing worked. So for the sprints, I could test specific function rather than testing the overall product.

Overall it was a pleasure listening to these experts and the work that they do.

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