Defending Public Education & Opposing DeVos on the Senate Floor
Senator Jon Tester

Thank you so much Senator Tester, for protecting us from a president who is a narcissistic, megalomaniac, and worst of all, a sociopath. Here is a man whose closest adviser and friend is from the Alternative Right, (new name still Neo-Natzi) who with his dark agenda, is manipulating a man who isn’t bright enough to know it, just like Vladimir Putin is! His national security adviser, is certifiably nuts and he has hired people who scratched his back, now he is returning the favor! Just like Ms. DeVoss, he wants to place these people who have no experience, in his cabinet, but Trump knows they will go along with his insane ideas.

At first I was so worried that the Democrats were not stepping up to defend us. I can see that they saw something Trump isn’t smart enough to see, every person on the streets who are protesting around this country, are those who certainly did not vote for him!! (and it is a huuuuuuge mass of people, most likely millions and millions!!) In just two weeks he has caused chaos not only in our country, but around the world, everybody hates us, and NOW the terrorists will come for us, thanks Trump!! It is President Bannon who is running our country. It makes me sick to see the Republicans who know better, fawning over Trump, like Paul Ryan. Every time he is on the TV with Trump, he looks like he has thrown up in his mouth!! Bannon wants to make our great country, not “great again,” as you said it is great, he wants to make an island of our country, white Europeans, or most likely bring on a war. I can’t thank you enough for the hard work and long hours, you most likely put in, away from your family, but people like you are our greatest hope!! I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I don’t want Betsy DeVoss anywhere that she can put in to effect, Trump’s dirty deeds!!

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