Places and Faces of New York City

There are so many aspects of New York that are well-known. From the Empire State Building to the Hudson River, it almost seems as if even foreigners know the city well.

Nonetheless, there are numerous sights in the city only known to locals. Whether it’s the constant activity, the seemingly daily multicultural festivities, the riverside events, or even the entertainment, there’s no end to what you might find hidden in New York.

Visiting the Rockefeller Center in the winter lends you a surprise treat — the bottom floor becomes converted into a beautiful ice skating rink, complete with seasonal decorations and a beautiful ambience.

Times Square may be known to most as one of the busiest places in the city, but there are still hidden jewels nestled among the rowdy crowds and buildings. For instance, $1 slices are popular mere blocks away from the more expensive tourist fare.

The constant activity in the summer months lends itself to some larger events, such as the annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, which occurs in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, right beside a memorable landmark from the Men in Black series.

Still, sightseeing is certainly a treat. Staten Island enthusiasts may find reason to celebrate in the free ferry rides across the islands, or simply in a tour boat.

Chinatown’s elderly are always available for a good game of chess, or tai chi in the middle of the afternoon. Strolling around the area can even transport you to another time in another world.

Even community events can get massive attention in the main streets of the city, often blocking traffic — but for a good reason!

Simply put, no matter where you arrive or when you decide to visit, New York is home is numerous secrets and incredible people and sites. There’s no reason to ever be bored in the city — many locals will be willing to explain to you how to get to some pretty interesting places!

Make sure to bring a camera with you, as there will certainly be city sites that you’ll want to capture forever.

Of course, also leave room and cash for food! Street food is one of New York’s staples — there’s no way you can ever go hungry if you’re in the city.

Whether you’re coming for a day or for a month, New York is home to such a diversity of people and cultures that it’s impossible to say what you’ll be. More than anything, explore the city yourself, and discover its wonders from within!

Sharon Lin currently serves as the United States Ambassador to Youth for Enlightenment and Welfare (YEW), as well as the YEW Global Council President for the USA.

Youth for Enlightenment and Welfare (YEW) is an organization aiming to promote leadership and civic participation through out the globe. Its mission is to give opportunity to caring world inhabitants to be ambassadors of YEW and take leadership roles within their country and the globe. These individuals get an opportunity to break boundaries, represent their country and connect with their local community and the whole globe.

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