Well the year is coming to a close and, to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. Not excited, but just happy to go to sleep tonight and wake up to an actual new beginning.

I’m not one of those “New Year, New Me!” people. To be quite honest, I think it’s bullshit. You’ve been unhappy with yourself all this time and you waited 365 days to make a change? That’s just dumb. What happened to the concept of growth? I also don’t subscribe to that “Things I’m Leaving in 2015.” Once again, you were unhappy with things for 365 but decided to keep them around just so you could dump them when the ball drops??? What a waste of time. Life is about evolution.

For me, I’m just ready for Twenty Fifteen to make a hasty exit. I’ve experienced way too much stress and heartache. Too much confusion and sadness. Honestly, I’m over Twenty Fifteen’s trflin ass.

I’m not deleting numbers and getting rid of friends (please feel free to delete and get rid of me if you would like. No skin off my breast.) I’m not going to lose weight (or gain I hope). I’m not going to be a better person. I’m pretty damn awesome already. It wouldn’t be fair to humanity if I got any better. I’m going to keep on the road that I’m on.

2016 is already proving to be more positive and I’m hoping that the good things come 10 fold. Im working for my greatness. I hope to welcome new people, experiences, and growth. I expect some difficult times and some wariness. That’s just life.

So, now I’m saying “Goodbye” and flipping the bird to sorry ass, triflin ass, disrespectful ass, Twenty Fifteen and saying “Cheers” to 2016. Let’s Get It!!