The THOT Dimension (not a fan of the word, but it applies)

I grew up watching TV. My mom and I watched all the science fiction shows. Shows like “Highlander” and “Dark Shadows” always kept us interested. Of course, like all kids, I was forced to watch at least one show I never got into. The Star Trek franchise. These shows have never been a favorite. I just couldn’t understand who came first. Was it Captain James T. Kirk or Captain Jean Luc Picard? I must admit, I Jean Luc is the man. I’m sure, if this post makes it to the eyes of a true “Trekky” you’re either cursing me or you’re never going to read anything I write again. I apologize for my Trek Ignorance. But, hell, I’m confused. My mom and I did have one show in common. It had everything a science fiction buff could want. Bad graphics, far fetched ideas of the future, and some kind of alien. You ever notice that all of the aliens look the same? Anyway, the The Twilight Zone wasn’t all about entertainment. It was about teaching a lesson the short comings and hypocrisy of the times. Rod Serling was a man before his time. He talked about everything from racial injustice, religion, and domestic abuse. My all time favorite episode is called “All The Time In The World.” Look it up. I say all of this to say that online dating is like living in the Twilight Zone. Or, what I will call, “The THOT Dimension.” I’m a woman that works in Real Time. I’m taking this slow. At an acceptable speed for a lady. I’m not talking about sex or love. I’m trying to get to know you. What kind of food do you like? Do you have a cat? Do you know that it never rains in southern California? Some of these men are moving at the speed of sound. They go from “Good morning, luv” to “So can I have your number?” To “I really just want to be in your life.” Really? I haven’t even responded to your good morning message and you want to be in my life? Stop. This dimension, just like any other place has its leader. He’s the equivalent to that guy that makes you avoid night clubs and lounges. He’s the Jerome of the dating site. You know Jerome. The “pimp” from Martin with all of the funniest, most memorable, and most creative pick up lines. Except, the guys in the THOT Dimension aren’t creative. They aren’t funny, and the only memories you have of them are the ones you laugh with your girls about because, they too, have experienced THE SAME GUY. The leader in the THOT Dimension blows kisses to strangers and gives them “cute” nicknames. One such person offered to “worship” my “vagina.” Although I found the use of his technical terminology refreshing and tame (he could have said pussy) I was forced to ignore him. No, I didn’t want to get to know him. I wanted to tell him that I can worship my own “madame.” So no thank you. But my team of girls talked me out of it. I listened this time. Trying to weed my way through the THOT Dimension has proven impossible. They are everywhere. Like that weird thing that makes that weird noise in the subway of The Wiz. But there is always that saving grace. Thank goodness at least one, seemingly, decent human has stumbled in. He doesn’t belong in this dimension. So far, he seems to have gotten in by accident. Like one of his boys forced him to leave the house that night. He’s the guy in the club that watches the THOT make a fool of himself and laughs at you while you try your hardest to avoid the mess. Then, out of no where, when he’s tired of watching a beautiful lady struggle. When he can no longer watch the frustration grown into anger. When he senses you’re about to call it a night and leave. He steps in and says “Hello.”