Finding home(s) in fresh starts.

It has been 6 months since I hopped on a plane and moved to Portugal.

And I’ve been trying to write this post 3 times by now.

The first time was when I just moved to Portugal, about a week after landing I thought that is the right moment to start putting my adventure into words. But, as those who moved countries before may know, it is a freaking mess. I found myself getting sucked into this whole turbulence of finding an apartment, finding a job, know... human stuff. I was so overwhelmed that…

Is a no-closure a closure?

Photo by Bruno Cervera

Sitting in a cafe in Sao Paulo, I started thinking about closures. It was one of these rare moments when you drop all that bullshit you usually feed yourself and take a good look at reality.

That moment hit me after receiving a text message that has made me feel the way I have felt many times before — worthless, delusional, stupid, and frustrated. I was frustrated that I ended up in the exact same spot as always, even though I thought I changed and wanted something different.

I was so ready to feel settled…

With a little help from The Beatles.

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Take a minute and try to remember the last newsletter you read? If you can’t, I don’t blame you. Newsletters have become quite the standard when it comes to email marketing and have been overflowing our inboxes in the past decade. It seems like any organization nowadays is using this tactic, which makes it even harder to stand out especially if you are a small business owner. Its growing popularity made it look like an easy task — how hard can it be to write an email? Well, you’d be surprised. …

No, this is not going to be one of those “social media is bad” posts. I still love it (I mean come on, I’m writing my experiences about not using social media on social media *mindblowing*). What actually made me take this challenge was a very particular habit I developed — The Zombie Scrolling (great horror movie title btw). I think you could already guess what’s that.

Being a classic GenY/proud millennial/typical tech-savvy kid or whatever you wanna call it — I believe social media is an essential part of my interaction with world. Practically growing up with the Internet…

Sharon Moriel

Freelance Content Writer, Multilingual Traveler and Sunset Chaser.

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