Thinking Out Loud

People say that you have to fight for what you believe in,but what if sometimes what you are fighting for is not yours,or is yours but you do not know it is.I am fond of letting go of things,thinking that I am doing what is right,but after some time,I end up feeling like I made a mistake.I am uncertain of many things,most especially of my purpose.At my age I should probably have figured it out already,but I still feel empty.What is purpose if you do not know how to identify it?What is purpose if you do not feel any sense of direction?Some of us as humans already know our purpose in life,and some of us do not. Thus we end up trying to fill the void with things and people so we can have some sense of focus and feel useful.The mixed emotions of uncertainty are not the best of feelings when you are on a journey to self discovery.Sometimes all you want is a safety net which is not how life works.So you try to have some faith and hope things will get better with time,in the jigsaw puzzle that is life.