How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: Advice from a therapist.
Robin Chancer

I have been wrestling with how to deal with our current situation. I can put Trump in a faraway place in my mind, but what really, really, saddens me, is that there is at least 46% of our population who believes what he does is acceptable. And after today, with the “Freedom of Religion” bill, and passage (barely) of the healthcare bill, and others, he will have a long-lasting effect on our way of life. And so many people believe and support him and encourage him. That is the biggest cause of my feeling so sorrowful. When my neighbors, or people I work with, or even family members, support him, how do we get past that? I am so glad to read what you say, and agree with you, although occasionally need reinforcement, but when my neighbors, or people I work with, or even family members I love dearly (two children) agree with him and his policies, I find it is more difficult to not rant and rave, or at least object. Then what?

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