Essenside was a stately mansion built in 1873 on the northwest corner of the intersection of Moseley Street and College Street, Glenelg. Designed by architect Rowland Rees and built for Captain Edward Meade “Ned” Bagot and his family, Essenside was a superb example of Victorian architecture in the colony of South Australia.

Essenside — photo c 1873 — State Library of South Australia B 10748 by Sweet, Samuel White

Essenside was built as a seaside home for Capt. Edward Meade “Ned” Bagot, his wife Anne (nee Smith) and their children. It was built in what was, at the time, a residential enclave for wealthy Adelaide businessmen and their families.

Bagot was a pastoralist who owned the land…

Sharon Picken

I love old Australian buildings from the Victorian and Federation periods.

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