Figuring it Out

Working with the Quest Community again this year, #Quest2017. Prompts about life and living that dig a little deeper, taking me and others in directions we may not readily go. The prompts require more than a lazy response.

Here’s the latest prompt: Do you love yourself enough to stop working on yourself yet? Who would you be in that case?” #loveyourself.

My response is “yes” but what do I mean by that, what does it mean to me? It’s easy to say “yes” and walk away. Job done. Question answered. I’m a conscious person. Next. But, is it true? Am I saying what is true or what I want to believe is true? Of course I want to say “yes.” Why would I open the door to “no” or waiver in the balance. By saying “yes” what am I saying? Do I love the beach? That’s easier. Do I love my family? Easier, still. If working on myself “still” means working on things I cannot accept then yes, I am who I am and in any case I am me. It’s new ideas I work on. It’s curiosity that challenges that adds to my “self.” The more I add or take off my plate, the more I become: “Be” what I am, plus “come” a command. Aren’t I clever …insert shared laugh.