These are the up- and downsides of my one-month experience microdosing LSD
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For the last three months I too have been experimenting with micro dosing LSD. I began this Summer. I cut the tiny square of blotter into 9 minute pieces and dropped one every other day…until they were gone. My results; I began writing again after months of not. I was thrilled. I also noted a bit more energy, and more ‘give-a-fuck’. And at my age give-a-fuck is a treasure.

This first tab was a gift. I hadn’t dropped acid in over 40 years! I was somewhat reluctant and didn’t compute micro dosing. I’m kinda all or nothing.

I took my first trip March 18, 1965 and had such a good time took another one four days later. Loved it and from then on…well it was Greenwich Village, the 60’s and drugs, sex and rock n roll ruled. I confess, I took hundreds and hundreds of trips. I had the good fortune to know the ‘man’. Having a great connection meant I was able to spend years stoned out of my tits on some of the very best acid, grass, hash, etc. etc. available.

I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, and because it was so much fun, I just kept rolling. I was twenty and fucking bullet proof. Not a clue Lou.

Like all good times, they came to an end.

Having lived through all of those ‘experiments’ I am keen to see what this third round of micro dosing will bring. I’ve put eleven days between this round and the last. I have ambivalence between wanting to ‘feel’ something so I know it’s ‘working’ and not wanting to ‘feel’ anything because I don’t like when it becomes a physical. The physical side effects were never my favorite and was probably one of the main reasons I stopped tripping. It was exhausting.

I have concluded I like micro dosing. I have no idea where it will take me, but as long as I’ve got a stash I will continue to ‘experiment’.