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You give your employees an unlimited “credit card” that they can use in the blink of an eye It’s called — “invite people to a meeting”


40$ Billon is being wasted every year on unproductive meetings (US)

50%-70% of the meeting are unproductive


Someone is sending an invite for a meeting for 10 people Those meetings are taking 60 min, because it’s the default And everyone can invite anyone without: a clear agenda, purpose, followup, true meaning or real impact!

This how we make decisions, collaborate and exchange knowledge :(


If you do the math, a 60 min meeting that doesn’t start/end on time with 10 people — can cost the organization thousands of Euro/Dollars every day. …

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There Are No Dysfunctional individuals
There Are No Dysfunctional Teams
There Is Only Dysfunctional Culture

Teams and individuals “performance” is a byproduct of the environment A.k.a Culture

Culture is a system that is designed by the mental models of its leaders.

Metal Models -> Thoughts -> Actions -> Habits -> Results

Leaders are the culture architects.

So, the leader mental models are one of the biggest factors of any business result.


It’s not about blaming or giving responsibility to someone else.

It’s about a core understand how results are being manifested.

It’s about understanding the importance of:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

A. Einstein

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Software Engineering is basically Social Engineering.

Product Development is actually Social Engineering as well,

Confused ;)

When we develop a product basically our intention is to create or change human behaviour.

Your product need to change how human are interacting with the world.

For example:

  • How do you drive customers to your new feature?
  • How do you keep customers engaged with your marketing effort?

So product development basically is more about Social Engineering then anything else.

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Software Engineering basically is doing the same but internally.

In order to develop new products teams need to constantly improve there social skills : learn new ways to interact, collaborate and exchange knowledge.

And in order to create successful products we must create the right environment to help these new skills to emerge. …


Sharon Sciammas

Co-Founder, Growth @SAPIA

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