I’ve done this after I got my first paid.
Sarah D.

Firstly, I’m so impressed you are thinking about finances at 22! Well done! You have such a headstart with your youth! If you can, I’d suggest you automate a small amount monthly or fortnightly to saving and investing. I wished I had been more financially responsible at your age…

The other thing I truly truly believe is that personal finance is very personal. It is different for everyone. It’s not so much about saving every last cent on everything. For me, I don’t believe in putting myself in a state of deprivation. Neither do I pretend I don’t need some of my creature comforts. As long as I’ve got the basics covered, like, be aware of my expenses, constantly look at how to make more to grow my income (and not just from my one day job), invest wisely (automating it over a diverse portfolio works best for me) and regularly put aside for our kids’ education and healthcare. Beyond that, it’s more about being mindful and purposeful in how I’m spending.

I too was once concerned and bothered by what other people thought of me. These days, I learned that different people choose to spend on different things, based on what they value. And we all value different things. In the end, what we value is expressed through the choices we make in our lives. Each of those choices carries a trade-off. As long as you know what you’re trading your choices off for, then it’s ok. Why live your life based on other people’s values rather than your own? You know what you’re doing this for. You have it on your wall :)

Growing wealth is as much about making more as it is about saving and investing it wisely. No point earning a lot of money when you spend even more. Still be broke. Making and Saving go together, they are like 2 sides of the same coin.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you keep going on your financial freedom journey!