I will bet neither you or your friend has any idea how his SNAP benefit is calculated.
Don Schulz

It is true that we aren’t sure how SNAP is calculated. I only know it was $150 a month even though he is a kidney transplant recipient and must eat certain foods. When he came to stay with me, SNAP was cut in half. The government doesn’t calculate in the cost of us rural folk needing a car (and insurance) to survive. Nearly half of his disability goes to a car loan and insurance. I am on Social Security and handicapped, and one-third of my income goes to a car loan and insurance, which SNAP doesn’t count either. That’s why I get only $50 a month. By the time I add in utilities and school and property tax, there’s not much left. I repeat, most right-wingers think we are irresponsible “takers” when we’re just trying to survive.

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