The pandemic is the portal from which society can heal.

I wrote that sentence in my journal the other morning. Horrific as the last few weeks/months have been, there are a lot of innovative changes rising up. I’m leaning into the unpredictable future and wondering what it will look like.

Yes, I said money because it’s something that many of you don’t like to talk about — particularly in times likes these when we’re trying to stay focused on the health and safety of our families.

But. . . we must talk about money . . .

. . …

Wynton Marsalis, the great jazz virtuoso, spoke last week about mastering a moment of chaos. His equally renowned father, Ellis, recently passed due to complications from Covid-19. The younger Marsalis bravely spoke about how his dad would be urging him to get on with it. Take action.

One of the…

Every time I have a conversation with someone in business, whether it be a client, colleague, or friend, haunting memories of the 2008 recession pop up.

The memories of that dark time in our economy apparently still linger. Most of those memories are associated with a level of loss and…

Sharon Spano, PhD

I work with thriving family-owned business leaders to help them overcome challenges when life and business collide.

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