Following the keynote given by Microsoft’s Jeff Teper at the 2019 European SharePoint, Office365 and Azure Conference in Prague, Paul Gilbride caught up with me to find out my thoughts on the stand-out messages of the talk.

In this video, I discussed the importance of Project Cortex and insights into the future of PowerApps and Power Platform, and how these elements are becoming more and more prevalent as a way to accelerate business.

Originally published at on December 6, 2019.

Following from my first post in this series introducing the model of Change Enterprise let’s focus on the first of the five key areas you need to work on in the framework; Understand Tools

By “Understand the Tools” I mean more than just awareness of them. Businesses, especially large ones, need to interpret the impact and benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure.

Keeping up to date is a challenge here, and I’ve worked in many organisations that have the correct job roles, Cloud Architect, Enterprise Change Manager, etc. but if these roles are filled with team members that do not stay…

Technology is constantly changing — are you? As a person, it’s not so hard to keep up if (like me) technology is your passion, but changing a business, especially a large enterprise, to keep up can be a much harder pivot to make.

There are many key areas of a business that need to affect and be effected by the change in technology and that needs consideration as a whole as well as individually. Working on just a few areas will work, but the most agile organisations are constantly working on all these areas.

Let me introduce you to my…

As always the Microsoft Ignite conference is the place for new and shiny things to be announced — well this year is no different, except some things got a slight rename too…here are my top 2 update categories..

1 — Power Platform Stuff…

Firstly thanks to Shane Young for a summary video on the PowerApps and Flow (not flow) changes — click here to watch it — then scroll down for the rest 🙂

Renaming Announcements

Flow is now Power Automate — a tool where you can create flows (not at all confusing, I’m sure we’ll get used to that) — For more info check out the…

This week at the Power Platform Summit in Orlando at the end of my PowerApps 101 session I unveiled the latest project from my team. A labour of love for both PowerApps and gaming we created a full version of the iconic game to show just what's possible using PowerApps.

Well everyone knows that I do, so what’s my point — well despite loving it I just need to say it’s not always the right tool to use.

SharePoint is great at many things, it’s the best document management tool there is — period (happy to argue that with anyone over a coffee). But it’s not great at complex relational/structured data — that needs a database.

Why am I pointing this out — well things have changed! With the maturation of Flow away from the “workflow” engine that SharePoint used for many years the range of possibilities for automation has…

Having worked with hundreds of organisations in all kinds of industries I’ve come across many ways in which projects just don’t happen or fail.

I thought I’d share 3 common mistakes I see all too often in the hope that if you spot a project going this way you can bring it back to life.

Not understanding the tools

Understanding the potential of technology before starting to use it sounds too obvious but jumping in without an eye on what tools there are and how to best leverage the technologies you may already have is often the reason that business process automation projects are…

Have you ever had one of those moment where you realise, by showing someone else a tool, just how good it is -this happened with me and Microsoft To-Do this week.

Then I started asking what others use and they had no idea Microsoft To-Do was so well linked to other Office 365 tools so I thoughts I’d share ho w I use it and why I assumed everyone did — and if by the end you don’t need this tool in your life, then I’d love to hear what you use instead..

So, some key features I use daily;

Tagged Email Items in one place

A common, real-world, business process that needs automation is the creation, signing, and monitoring of contracts. As the whole process is usually a team effort it seems appropriate to develop the tools to be surfaced via Microsoft Teams.

So, let's define the user requirement/use case and walk through the tools needed and how to implement them in your office 365 environment

Use Case: Create a system that can help to quickly generate template-driven contract style documents that can be easily prepared for signature. On receipt of scanned contract by return add to a monitored list of contracts for renewal monitoring.

If you have ever tried to play with dates and numbers in Microsoft Flow, PowerApps or actually any development platform you will know the horror faced by many to the user request “can you just make it look like this…”

So, we had some fun last month with number formatting in Flow and thought I’d share.

User Request — Please add unit separators to numbers of unknown size but potentially very large numbers. This was a UK request so the separator is a comma

We looked at various mathematical functions and several online solutions others had published but could not…

Sharon Sumner

Business Applications MVP, Cambridge Power Platform User Group Lead, CEO Casper365 ™ / Business Cloud Integration — Office 365 Specialist.

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