My journey to Andela


To be honest, I have had many challenging learning experiences lately. However, like every other thing in life, I have learned that you must work on getting past it using all the means you can. Of course, the means should be legal. Ha! Some of the challenging learning experiences I faced recently were most importantly the boot camp, learning console frameworks like Click and getting to be more conversant with the flask python web framework. I will start with boot camp.

I have been trying to join Andela for about three months now. The first-time round I never got to finish my assessments on time. So, I was not even waiting for an interview invite. I had kept trying to handle the lab tests, but in retrospect, I think I blame my internet for broken results. Ha! Or maybe my coding skills were not as proficient, and I needed more time to sharpen my skills. The next cohort I got a reject invite to cohort 15 so I naturally felt low for a moment, but got back out there by applying for the all-female cohort which is where I am at currently. To my surprise, I later got an invite to cohort 15 interview and I got lucky enough to be invited to cohort 15 boot camp. The tests were tasking and needed me to learn so much at a go while travelling far to home on two days. I would literally forget to eat because all my mind was thinking was the andela tests and why my “perfect code” is not getting submitted even after passing the tests given. I later learned that there were hidden tests that I needed to pass too. I can say I learnt so much that one week I was at Andela. I would ask my friends on slack and others when I got stuck, which was frequently, and it helped me finish the tests on time. I hope this time I will do better. I then set out to perfect on areas I had knowledge gaps on which were the flask python web framework, docopt console framework (console in general) and other areas which I set out to learn to prepare for the next step which was cohort 16.

Learning click and flask have not been very easy. I am still in the learning process. My greatest problem comes about when I try to access materials on YouTube. When I search for click materials, I end up getting 95 % docopt materials instead which is not what my interest was. I get the same issue when looking up flask materials on YouTube because most of the materials there are on Django instead of Flask. But, I have found pdfs online that have been helpful so far. I am still a work in progress, and I believe, with practice and persistence, I will get to my end goal.

I hope to do my best too on my current challenge which is boot camp. I plan to get in this time, so I will keep persisting and doing the best I can to be aligned with the andela values and be a true andelan at the end.

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