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What happens after entering code in

Got a Roku and stuck in Roku Link code Screen of activation/installation?

Setting up Roku is quite simple. To get started, all that’s required is a TV (HD/SD), a stable Wi-Fi or Wired Network connection and a Roku. Additionally, a Roku account is needed to link the device to your account to get access to Roku Channel Store.

Roku link code is the screen that you see on your TV during the final phase of the installation process. This screen pops up when you are installing Roku for the first time or after a hard reset. The code is needed to link Roku to your online Roku account.

Here s a quick guide to fix it:

v From a computer or any internet connected device, go to

v You will be asked to enter the link code that you see on the TV screen.

v Enter the link code and click Submit.

v If you get an error message, “code is not valid” or “code is incorrect”, go to your TV, and get a new code.

v Enter new code and click Submit.

v Once the correct link code is entered, you will see some changes in your TV screen.

v Resume/Continue with the installation process.

Once the installation is complete, you are ready to begin streaming

However, some issues arise when you try to link the Roku device. These are some common problems/issues associated with Linking Roku:

v On the website, it shows the Roku player is successfully linked, but there are no changes in the TV.

v No link code is visible on the TV.

v The entered link code is not accepted.

Do the following:

v Perform a Power cycle: Unplug all connected devices, wait for thirty seconds and connect them back again.

v Try to get a new code on your TV screen and enter the new code.

If the above instructions doesn’t fix the problem, or if at any stage, you are confused or stuck anywhere, feel free to call us on our toll free no 1–855–567–1500 anytime. We have a skilled customer support team that works round the clock (24/7) to assist you in all queries relating to Roku. We provide safe, affordable and reliable customer services making us trustworthy in troubleshooting Roku.


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