Larry Solomon did his homework. So did Barack Obama. Donald Trump didn’t.
Craig Solomon

You wait and see. What Barrack Obama the Traitor to our nation did was destroy our health care system and steal hard working people’s money forcing their premiums so high that its now three times the size of OUR HOUSE PAYMENT! So Guess what? We now as seniors for the FIRST time in our lives because of the evil intentions of BO have no insurance at all. He’d just as soon the older and in his mind racist generation die off because we are the ones who so often reminded him WHO WE ARE and that WE HAVE LAWS and most of all a CONSTITUTION that he tried his best to defile~! Of all our presidents he tried the hardest and was slapped down the most by our courts for trying to GO AGAINST our constitution repeatedly! and bemoaned that it was just so difficult to undo what those old men did. THANK GOD IT WAS! The damage he did was MASSIVE. DO NOT tout his supposed smarts to us out here suffering HELL and the loss of our lifes savings because of that treasonous monster Obama! In only his second week President Trump gave us the best news of our life in eight LONG TERRIFYING YEARS~! Obama did not just come after us on our healthcare forcing us to pay for his base so he got more votes~! That is the democrats only purpose votes leading to total totalitarian power, loss of all our rights our guns our freedom of speech,. Whites hunted down during riots. Cops assassinated week after week under his fomenting of racist black hate! YOU DARE put down the man trying right now as we speak to RIGHT this country after it was torn apart by bo! anyway dt SAVED our business in the second week. WHY did it need saving? OBAMA decided like he did so many other times. that our business. well he just did not like it so he created regs that would put us all down and out in no time .. DT UNDID those knowing they were DEAD wrong and killed business and much needed fuels would not be there for those who need them.. which is EVERYBODY!.. I hate it when I see people like you write about that traitor who has also endangered our lives by destroying our military so badly that the generals report we could not even fight off one attacker if need be, That our boys are having to get parts off MUSEUM Airplanes and such! THAT IS dangerous and DISGUSTING and he did it ALL On purpose. HIS GOAL was our DEMISE you BIG DUMMY! THANK GOD for President TRUMP! By the way your traitor is still trying to foment insurrection and take us to civil war. How ironic that would be ..

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