Best Beaches in Singapore

Anjali Singh
Sep 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Singapore is one of the most famous places in the world which is simply amazing for a holiday. One can have a great holiday in Singapore as this place offers quiet a lot; this is why there are a lot of people booking family holiday packages to Singapore. There are many great beaches that one can witness in Singapore.

These are the best beaches that you can witness in Singapore

A heavenly retreat for the kids, Changi Beach

Changi Beach is a fascinating beach that one needs to visit in Singapore for an amazing stay; this beach is a great destination for families. There are also many fitness lovers who have made this beach their favourite destination in Singapore. Also, this beach offers various delights for the children as the kids can do a lot of plane spotting being here in Changi beach and try some of the best camping experiences that the kids will fall in love with. Children can enjoy sitting in the park benches, have a great time trying out some of the best beach barbeques, enjoy being on the paved walking trail, try some of the best barbecue pits, have a great time playing in the children’s playground and have a great time at the amazing cycling trails.

Have a great time in the unstereotyped beach named Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is one of the best beaches that one can witness in Singapore; this beach is simply heavenly for its beauty and also for the peace that this beach promises to the young people. This beach is no less than a paradise for the couples as this is often included in the stay while enjoying a honeymoon in Singapore.

Explore the stunning beaches of Kusu Island

Kusu Island is one of the best beaches that one can visit if you are interested in the wildlife. Kusu Island is famous for the Turtle Sanctuary that houses hundreds of turtles. Also, Kusu Island is famous for its stunning and pristine beaches that will make you fall in love with this island like nowhere else. This beach will make you witness some of the best panoramic views that one would easily fall in love with being in Singapore.

One of the main beaches of Singapore, witness the great Lazarus Island

This island will give you the best tropical feels that one can ever have. Blessed with a peaceful atmosphere, one can have a great time being at the Lazarus Island that has the really stunning turquoise water which will delight you beyond measure.

Lazarus Island is one of the best beaches in Singapore, where you can enjoy the rustic ambience and the great city noise that one can enjoy being in Lazarus island. Being renowned all over the world for its white sands, turquoise water and amazing ambience, one must add this beach to their Singapore honeymoon package .

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Visit the exotic Pulau Ubin for a village like atmosphere

If you are looking for a simple beach that has a village-like atmosphere, this beach will show you the best time to experience simple living. Radiating an aura of tranquility, this beach will relax you like no other place in Singapore. You can explore the great Chek Jawa wetland beaches; have a beautiful time with the love of your life being on the secluded beaches of Singapore and marvel at the architecture of Palau Ubin while being on your Singapore Honeymoon. Also one can try some of the best delicacies made from fresh fish and octopus. One can also rent a bike being there, shop crazily at the souvenir shops, try out the local restaurants and have fun being in Pulau Ubin. Also, this place is famous for beach camping.

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Thus, these are the best beaches that one can witness while being on a Singapore holiday. You can book your travel with Sharp Holidays and experience the best of travel while you are in this paradise named Singapore.

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