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How to test FutureICX alpha and provide a feedback

Link of the demo:

Hello ICONist, this article will help you to get through the steps to test the FutureICX DApp Alpha! There is an ongoing contest that will allow 5 lucky ICONists to earn 100 ICX by providing feedback!

As our Alpha is currently running on Icon Testnet, there will be a few additional steps that the players will have to go through, but they are pretty easy to do, as you will see 😉

Get ICONex and ICX wallet

The first step would be to set up your wallet (if you do not already have one). …

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Sharpn is a startup of blockchain builders operating on the ICON network for 1 year now. Today, we are going to present our “Sharpn launchpad” program.

Our priority has always been to get ICON adopted both by the general public and builders.

That’s why we launched the platform, a service that allows any developer to quickly learn about the challenges of Blockchain technologies and Smart Contract development on ICON.

Our goal is to ease the onboarding of ICON builders, and today we’re taking another step in that direction.

Building is not easy

Everyday, we receive messages from ICONist pitching us their awesome project. …

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A quick recap of what the platform is about is a service that aims to educate developers of all kinds to ICON smart contract (SCORE) development. The challenge we set ourselves was to design an immersive formula that would allow developers who were completely new to Blockchain to quickly assimilate the stakes and features of this technology before being able to train in the development of Smart Contract.

The platform is composed of 3 parts designed for 3 levels of reading:

  • Discover: Get started with basic Blockchains notions, decentralization philosophy, the role of developers in those networks, DApps, Smart contract and an introduction to ICON.
  • Learn: This part will allow you to learn about SCORE development. The guide will be an interactive experience. You will have at your disposal an IDE on the browser as well as a detailed guide. You’ll have the occasion to meet our mascots, the ICONBOTS…

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It’s now 25 days since our grant was approved by the ICON Foundation and that we started developing In this report, we will present all the work done to date, what we plan to do next, and what the recent price increase of $ICX will bring to this project.

As a reminder, is a platform that aims to provide a 3-part learning experience on SCORE (Smart Contract on Reliable Environment):

Discover: It would be useless to learn how to develop Smart Contracts without knowing the fundamentals of Blockchain technologies, their possible applications and the philosophy of this ecosystem. …

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First of all, we would like to sincerely thank the ICON team for trusting us on the project.

Our request for grants has been validated by the ICON foundation which will allow us to work full time on this project: will aim to introduce many developers to the ICON ecosystem.

Today marks the beginning of our work on this project and we’re expecting to release March 31st.

As a reminder, is a platform that responds to a problem: We’re in an ultra-competitive niche market. There are nowadays a lot of DApps platforms for a very limited number of developers. We want to create a platform that will use communication levers mixed with a good learning experience to onboard new builders for ICON and enhance the global ICON DX (Developer Experience). …

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Last weekend, we had the occasion to give our first Blockchain & ICON conference. We will summarize in this article the topics covered, the feedback we received and possible improvements to this format. The formula we designed seems to have worked, it is also an opportunity for each ICONist to organize its own conference, do not hesitate to use this material!

We designed this conference to raise awareness among no-coiners about Blockchain technologies and the problems they solve, and to show them that this ecosystem is conducive to entrepreneurship.

Our audience was mainly composed of Tech students evolving in different fields (Development, Data, Webmarketing, Design…). Our main purpose was to show that the world of Web3, where everything is to be built, was not exclusively reserved for developers and that mass adoption could only be achieved through a major UX work, for example. The idea was to introduce them to generals Blockchain concept before diving in ICON and how to get started on this technology. …

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Hello everyone, we’ll be presenting our first ICON hackathon project in this post in order to discuss, iterate, and finally create the perfect formula. Here is what are our current plans for this event :

📌 Purpose and audience

Our objective is to eventually organize a much larger event bringing together several PRep teams at a Blockchain event, for example. This first hackathon will be a test, an exercise before we prepare for a larger event.

This hackathon will be aimed to “non-ICONist” and will promote the ICON technology. We’re planning to make it as affordable as possible for both Developers, Designers and Marketers profiles. …

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Dear ICONist,

We’re glad to announce that we have concluded a partnership with Hetic, a leading Tech school based in Paris. This partnership is a great opportunity for the whole ICON ecosystem. Here is what it means for ICONist:

Events and onboarding opportunities

We’re going to host workshops, organize hackathons and could also organize ICON conference within the school! Hetic’s student profile is a perfect fit for ICON, a lot of them will be very interessed in the ICON IISS (ICON icentive scoring system) and it could definitly bring a lot of ICON builders!

Our first event will be an ICON initiation hackathon aimed toward beginners, we’ll present this project shortly! …

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Sharpn Dump-Control

Recently, the ICON community has expressed a need for transparency on the part of P-Reps teams and more specifically on how they use their rewards.

We have therefore decided to create a feature allowing P-Reps to publicly display their representative rewards expenses

Purpose and motivation

We have recently witnessed the rise of several “Staking as a Service” teams in the votes leaderboard. These companies specialize in PoS coin validation and can be an asset to ICON. However, these teams are by definition less involved in the development of ICON due to their involvement in many projects.

Some of these teams have a high ranking thanks to their own delegations that come from their own funds. The question that arises is: “What prevents them from using Representative Rewards to finance new elections on other networks/projects?” …

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! This article follows the article on the DX and blockchain

Hello everyone, we are glad to announce the start of the ICONdev education initiative. This initiative aims to boost the adoption of ICON by more and more developers. The Blockchain world has many DApp platforms available for a small number of developers. Here at Sharpn, we chose ICON because it is a framework that has many advantages and is in line with our philosophy: adoption by the general public. Educational content and community animation is the best way to bring more developers to make ICON a successful DApps platform.

This initiative will consist of the implementation of several educational content platforms, the animation of the community of educational developers, Hackathon organizations, DApps contest, etc. Every ICONist is invited to participate! …


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