“Becky” debuted in Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back in 1992

So, Iggy Azalea defended white women and herself, from what she perceived to be an offensive word, sung by Beyonce in her latest work ‪‎Lemonade. I decided, this morning, to go on a search for BECKY.

Click to listen: Sir Mix A Lot “Baby Got Back (1992)”

On May 7, 1992, Sir-Mix-Alot releases “Baby Got Back.” The video opens with two white women, who remark on the behind of a faceless Black Woman because only her backside is visible. Anyway, the blonde girl refers to the dark haired white girl as “Becky,” and thus it was born. What was born, was an identity marker for white women from a certain class and geographical area, which was upper and the valley, in the imaginations of Black Folk. Soon, all white girls were referred to as Becky, for awhile.

Click to listen: Plies “Becky (2009)”

However, as quickly as it entered the vernacular of Black Folk, it fell away (I don’t know when). Though, it may have still been said by pockets of Black Folk from the 90s on. Then, September, 2009, Plies released “Becky” from his album Goon Affiliated. I listened to both the words and watched the video, this morning, and while white women are featured, it is not just about white women, as it is about all women that Plies is looking for, for the sole purpose of receiving a Blow Job. Anyone that is a follower of Plies knows that he regularly commented upon and expressed his enjoyment of receiving a Blow Job from women and from all women that would oblige him. In fact, he expressed enjoying this lone act more than having sexual intercourse.

I read a post from who had this to say about “Becky”

“It’s actually easier for me to say whether a White woman would be considered a Becky than it is to explain the criteria. Hillary Clinton? Not a Becky. Natalie Portman? Not really a Becky. Taylor Swift? The Beckiest. Iggy Azelea? Darth Becky. There are several theories on its etymology, but the one that makes the most sense is that it stems from the first line of “Baby Got Back.”

The post goes on to say

“There are two schools of thought on what qualifies something as racist. The first is that something is racist if the act stems from either a belief of racial superiority or a position of constructed/structural racial superiority. (Or both.) The second encompasses all unfavorable acts which might be race-based. Basically, one school of thought is right (the former) and one is wrong (the latter).”

Iggy Azalea defined Becky as “AND WE ALL KNOW “becky” started because you all think white girls just go around slobbing on everyones dick. Im good on being called that.”

From my view, VerySmartBrothas is centering Plies because using Sir Mix A lot’s frame, then Hillary Clinton, Natalie Portman and ect would be “Becky” because they are white women and of the upper class. Further, “Becky” is not racist because there is no superiority or discrimination being used on the part of either rapper or Black person who uses the term because it is a character in on one hand and another a sexual act. Though it is a stereotype, if you draw upon the “Baby Got Back” era? Azalea is wrong regarding when “Becky” emerged and on its evolution because she centered Plies’ video imagery, which is the basis of her definition.

The term “Becky” emerged in 1992 and had to do with a white woman or girl from the upper class and from the valley that was disrespectful toward Black Women and their bodies. Upon the emergence of Plies record, “Becky” became about giving a blow job and in his video, white women are centered, however, so are all other hues and races of women. Again, no racism or discrimination to note.

The reality is, “Becky” shifts per the gender using it and circumstance. A Black woman using the term intends it to mean any woman who would step in between the relationship of her and her man or in essence a hoe, skeezer or tramp. Whereas a man using it, specifically a Black man intends it to mean, he is looking for some throat, head, or “what that mouf do”

I hope this brief post defines the intellectual use of the word “Becky” in the Black Community.