Good morning, America. Happy January 1st.

Well, it’s recruiting season. Where the dreamers, and the procrastinators, and the fearful ones all saddle up to the starting line, set aim, and then flop. The post-Holiday disillusionment is in its final state, marked by the hope that a fresh calendar book will summon the required motivation to follow through to the promise of New Year. “This year! …will be different.” Will it? Setting up for a year full of disappointments and forgotten goals, a year full of “oh wells” and “who cares.” Good morning, America. Happy January 1st.

But I’m sending you encouragement for January 16th, and February 21st. And please, take this positive energy for March 2nd, and April 11th. Don’t forget about the trials sure to come, so take this with you: discipline.

Train your feet to go, whether your head wants to or not. Train your fingers to write, whether you think anything will come out or not. Train you tea to brew at 6am, like you told yourself it would on December 31st. Train your car to get to the gym 5 days a week, like you promised you would on December 31st! Train your heart to hold fast. hold!

The difference between this year and last, or this year and the way it’s always been is you. Right here. Now. The difference between today and any other day, is up to you. It always is.

Go forth and remember your training; what is your choice to be?