Novel research supports reversal of Parkinson’s -

Hundreds of people have benefited from using the Parkinson’s evaluation software developed by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology but we can’t serve all the people who need our help.

Help establish a network of BioAcoustic Centers

We know that we need to train people to help establish a network of BioAcoustic Centers that can help support the body’s own ability to heal itself using the information that can be gleaned from BioAcoustic Vocal Analysis.

The Sound Health Research Center in Ohio has been evaluating people who have been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease. The results show that our protocols can influence the reversal of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms including: tremors, muscle spasm, the loss of strength and olfactory function. Our intention is to use these positive outcomes to create a workshop specifically designed for those concerned with cell-signaling issues using Vocal Profiling software and protocols.

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Would you like to be able to evaluate the root causes and relationships of Parkinson’s symptoms to genetics, trauma, inflammation, medications, cell signaling, biochemical receptors, nerve degeneration, muscle status and nutrition?

Join us for a BioAcoustic Technician Level class

The Technician Level class is required to enter into our BioAcoustic Professional Seminar, especially designed to look at the Many Faces of Parkinson’s: Lyme’s, Tetanus, trauma, medications, cell signaling, biochemical receptors, nerve degeneration, muscle status, allergies, inflammation, Stiff Man’s Disease, inability to process glutathione, lack of B5 functionality, color stimulation, sulfur stress….

We will also share information showing that GMO foods are taking an incredible toll on our body’s ability to cellularly communicate.

Please join us for our next class and bring this important and groundbreaking work into your part of the world. Apply Here:

Originally published at on October 24, 2018.