As a member of Gen X, I’m less interested in the negative characteristics of the Boomers and more…
Katie Testa

Generation X you are not the first generation to be a sandwich generation. I am a pre Boomer and many in their 70s are caring for their parents, children and grandchildren. Those born in the teens and 20, 30s had parents who died early. My parents did not have to care for their parents for long, my oldest grandmother died at 73. My parents lived into their 90s. They had years of freedom from parents and even caring for their children. It is not easy having responsibility of four generations. Life will not get easier but we can have the attitude we will enjoy what we do have. Yes my son and grandkids live with us, we could not make it without our son’s help or he without us, so we share the expenses. It is wonderful to really know my grandkids, who by the way are turning into wonderful adults. Yes times will get tougher but enjoy what you can, and be a good example to the generations below you.