Fitness trainers, Instagram community, and other “wellness” people, we need to talk.
Pete Ross

I’m on my feet applauding. I am a fitness professional — one that doesn’t post photos of my arse (or other bits) — and I’ve been in this industry for some 20 plus years. It’s about time someone said everything you just did Pete, and it’s not a matter of “haters gonna hate”. I find it deplorable that a profession I spent years helping elevate to that of a profession, is heading south again because trainers are turning it into a popularity contest. 500 likes on social media won’t pay the bills. A better reflection of success would surely have to be your own client base, time spent on self development and educating yourself to a better quality of trainer, and even research that you may have had published. This is people’s health we are working with, and it’s not a game. Working out can be fun without being flippant and marketing yourself can be cheeky whilst still leave your clothes on.

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