Mirror Maze

A Stench of hatred and malice, 
Acrid fumes of despair,
Chocking and nauseating, permeate the air.

Slathered in slime, of jealously, and disdain,
Shoulders of life hunched under the weight of becoming.
Dragging bones through this virulent green mist of horrors, 
I see faces I have loved. 
Galled and gangrenous staring at nothing, with disillusioned eyes, 
Drowning in their treasure troves, of deep desolation.
Crying for love into the impenetrable vacuum of avarice and ego,
Unanimously unaware, they dig their own graves for a living.

Infinite maddening reflections.
Circular mirror maze.
It doesn't end.
It never ends.

Shut them up.
Shut them up. 
Every wound bellows in unison.
Shut them up.
Shut them up. 
Glancing in disbelief and derision,
At a harrowing shovel spare.