5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About : Mercury

  • Did you know that a crater on Mercury is 960 times larger than the Meteor Crater in Arizona.
  • Did you know Mercury’s iron core takes up about 75 percent of the planet’s radius. The huge core has more iron in it than any other planet’s in the solar system.
  • Do you know Mercury beats every single planet in the race to have the thinnest atmosphere.
  • Have you visited Yellowstone national park. If not, you might end up finding many Yellowstone’s on Mercury…ready for a visit? This is because, based on scientific evidences, large parts of Mercury could have been covered in lava. This theory is formed because the planet’s northern plains appear smooth because of lava.
  • Did you know that long ago a large
  • Ever imagined a morning in 2016 and the same evening in 2017. This can only happen if a day is longer than the year. Oh well, if we live on Mercury, this can be real. A day on Mercury is 176 Earth days while the year is just 88 Earth days. This is because of Mercury’s rapid orbital movement.